Intellectual property rights

Utility models
Any new and useful solution of a technical nature affecting shape, construction or durable assembly of an object shall constitute a utility model. A utility model shall be considered a useful solution if by means of that solution a practical effect is attainable, expedient in the process of manufacturing or exploitation of the product.

A protection is granted for 10 years.

A utility model is similar to a patent. It is sometimes referred to as "petty patents" or "innovation patents."

Registering a utility model allows the owner to prevent others from commercially using the model without his authorization for a limited period of time.

Patent Office provides a wide range of services in order to protect utility models:

  • providing legal advice and assistance in implementation new solutions
  • preparing legal opinions
  • representing clients in proceedings before the Polish Patent Office
  • searches on the state of the art
  • drafting and filing applications
  • examination of the legal status of utility models
  • opposition and invalidation proceedings before the Polish Patent Office
  • proceedings before administrative courts
  • supervision and payment of annuities in Poland and abroad
  • supervising and payment of official fees
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